Men in skirts? Why not?

I’ve always said that in the future men will wear skirts (dresses) as much as women. I’m still trying to explain myself why during all these centuries men didn’t dare to wear a skirt (respect goes to Scotland men)?

Wearing skirts has so many advantages – it’s comfortable, it makes your skin breathe, it gives you more freedom when you move… What is so wrong with that? Man have ugly legs? So what? There are lots of women with ugly legs too and they are allowed to wear skirts. Men have something women don’t (you know what I’m talking ’bout)? So what? It’s even more on show when they wear skinny jeans or any other tight kind of trousers – if you want to stare you stare!

Just don’t tell me that there must be something to make women and men different! As if you can’t distinguish a woman from a man wearing the same outfit… I guess Scottish people realized something earlier than the others.

There is though a brave man (no homophobe comments please) who decided to enter the history before the others and started putting on skirts and dresses on any occasion. This is one of the reasons why I admire Marc Jacobs and I believe he’ll be followed by others. If you doubt it, just wait a while and we’ll talk again in several years.

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21 thoughts on “Men in skirts? Why not?

  1. I find that skirts/kilts have an exaggerating effect on men. Stylish, attractive men look even more so in a skirt. Perhaps because it takes a lot of confidence for a man to want to pull off the look in the first place.

  2. Oh, so is that Marc Jacobs? I never looked up images of him. Interesting. I don’t think I would mind a man in a dress, but I have to admit that I don’t like how he looks in a dress. He’s not pulling it off if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion. I would love to see someone (Marc Jacobs?) come up with a dress/skirt especially designed for a man. Women’s trousers look different than men’s so men’s skirts should look different than women’s, right? Oh, and btw I don’t like it when men wear skinny jeans… unless they’re punk/rockers. 😉

    • In case of skirts, the difference in fitting is insignificant. The rest boils down to individual taste. There are jeans who fit men and women likewise, so that da chicks can raid da men’s department for it.

  3. Sure, I think men can wear skirts and dresses. As Jelear already mentioned, skirts and dresses must designed for men, it is a difference in the body of the two sexes which can’t be hidden. Skirted garments are much more comfortable for men’s body than any kind of pants/shorts.

    • The difference in cut between a women and a men skirt is insignificant. The same applies to trousers, when it comes to the dongle zone.

      The only reason to buy men skirts or kilts is for the true measurements and the look. In da women’s department you have to deal with a shitload of artificial values which have to be translated into true measurements by a size chart.

  4. Want to learn the history of sex typing of clothes? See free access pdf file at site linked. Sex typing of clothes has been caused by social forces–not differences of chromosomes. Men gave up skirts for pants after horseback riding had its effects for centuries! Rome tossed men in pants out in AD393. Women could not wear pants till after 17 million USA women started wearing pants in World War 2 factory work. Still, in June 1943 Evelyn Bross was arrested in Chicago for wearing pants! A judge ordered her to see a psychiatrist for six months! Think about that the next time you’re about to call a man in a skirt a cross-dresser, when he’s clearly presenting as a man.

  5. I own skirts but only wear them ocassionally. but only when traveling, not iin stores just because I don’t want the possible confortation . I’m father of 4 daughters and baby on the way. I wish the people would accept men n skirts I like them and want to wear w/o the possibility of rudeness

  6. I would wear skirts all the time…. My wife thinks I am gay, which I am NOT… She would throw a huge fit if she saw me skirted… I wear a Kilt quite a bit and I can see the look in her eyes, but she cannot deny other men wear them…. so II can get away with them…barely! After 40+ years of marriage, I am not ready to throw that out for a skirt…. The war is not worth it…. My neighbors don’t give a hoot what I wear…as long as I wear something! BB

    • Do you live in US? Because in France (especially in Paris) I see quite a lot of men in the streets wearing skirts now. And there’s nothing gay about them! You should visit with your wife and prove your right 😉

  7. The examples are pretty bad. If you want to see guys in skirts without looking fem see these guys: They are obviously NOT „cross dressing“ trying to look like women. My experience has not been what you would expect. The chicks have strongly said shorter is better. A regular mini skirt works if not too fem looking. Shorter provides total freedom of movement, cooler on a hot day, looks better.

  8. Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    I’ve often thought that, especially in this weather, a skirt would be rather comfortable.

    Anyone know where I might be able to buy a nice manly skirt?

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  10. I wonder if thinking there should be skirts made specifically for men otherwise it would be cross-dressing avoids the issue of why men are not allowed culturally to wear skirts but is afflicted with the issue of assigning gender roles to clothes and then assuming it is any way necessary or natural?

    I wonder if disagreeing with men wearing skirts because it doesn’t look good on them, they don’t pull it off, weather for some men or for all men, is assuming too much of our current common sense answer to aesthetics?

    I wonder if any of this really matters. I wonder if anything really matters.

    I wonder if this line of questioning has been the right thing to do, or was it perilous and I don’t know that I don’t know.

    I wonder if my doubts are grounded in reality.

    I wonder what is reality.

    I digress…?

  11. I am all for men wearing skirts. The key word is skirts, not dresses or any other clothing that is labeled as being for women. There has to be some line drawn. I really don’t advocate cross dressing, I am all for comfort dressing. The lack of space in the trousers could be the real reason when boys are always fidgeting. We need space down there which makes more sense then a woman needing space down there. Expansion and contraction are real issues men face several times daily, They claim for the health of that region men should wear boxers and not briefs, yet we but men in pants, that are not made out of pliable material like the briefs are.Then not to leave out the concept of air flow. Men too can benefit from not having things down there crammed into a tight package which does not allow things to dry out, leading to jock itch and many times just a smelly mess.

    I too have survived a 20 year marriage and my wife has made it very clear that she does not want to see me in skirts. Though I have no problem wearing such things when traveling without her and the kids. Though my this has been a conversation I had with my oldest daughter and she’s all for it and my son wears kilts. So there is hope for the future.

    • Now I’m reading the absurdity that only the female has a TORSO as a dress does combine the bottom skirt garment with the „bodice“ upstairs section. Scots are afraid of the word „skirt“ and this poster is afraid of the word „dress.“ Men already have a single piece trouser bottom and top, not worn often but it’s there, the „jumpsuit.“ Next I’ll read that a zipper up the back is supposed to be a gender difference, just like the stubborn Scots insist that „THE“ kilt is male because it’s FLAT across the front. 100% total arbitrary jive nonsense. Draw the line somewhere? WHAT? Arguing for more restrictions and limitations. I don’t see anyone saying we should „draw the line somewhere“ by revoking the unhindered freedom of choice women have, and forcing them to trade places with men, which would then leave women severely restricted and men would have 100% freedom. It’s enough to „draw the line somewhere“ by men not playing with bras. And dresses can be tailored to ANYONE’S build. Huh? How did this guy miss that SKIRTS are still „labeled as being for women.“ Let’s set some water barrels in the desert designated „females only“ and he can die of thirst because he’d be „cross-dressed“ if he took a sip. What something was intended for is a horribly outdated appeal to senseless social conformity. The way the apparel industry has limited its size by not offering variety to men is hard to understand, but such is the mass hypnosis power of the „we do it this way because we do it this way“ antiprogressive mentality. The wife should be divorced immediately.

  12. I like to wear skirts and dresses. I prefer dresses and the right dress looks really good. They are much more comfortable than men’s clothes and the variety of styles and colours is far greater. What has become traditional male clothing is drab and uncomfortable; heavy and over-engineered. A pair of knickers keeps the dangly bits in place with comfort and bras are awesome to wear. It is time men began to throw of the shackles and embraced female clothing.

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