The leather skirt





Black leather skirts were very fashionable last year, we’ve seen them in many different styles, but this year we see a lot of colored ones and I think it’s really cool.

Blue_leather_skirt_street_style Camel_leather_mini_skirt_street_style Old_style_leather_skirt_red

Whatever you choose, know that leather is very stewing and you’ll be hot in the summer. There are advantages in genuine leather (it’s more breathing than the artificial one, softer and stronger), but it all depends on whether you would agree to wear a dead animal on you. If you have no problem with it and fashion is above everything for you, go for it…

Orange_leather_skirt_street_style Red_long_leather_skirt_street_style Yellow_color_leather_skirt_street_style

I will risk to seem old by saying I was wearing leather skirts (black and red) when I was 15. It was very fashionable back in time. And if I am not wrong, what comes next is nubuck or velvet skirts and clothes in general.

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I’m so happy with my black boots! 🙂 Like a kid… as if there aren’t more important things in life than shoes and things… Oh, there is! I found a piano – now this is really worth being happy for as I haven’t played for so long. There is a huge difference between a piano bought to you by your parents when you were 7 and another one that you bought yourself because you really missed playing. Once I come up with some good melody, I’ll share it with you.

Beat the heat! / Да уморим жегата!

Дочувам за рекордни температури в България и затова реших да ви съблазня с моите предложения за борба с горещините. С тях ще се чувствате по-свободни и леки, но все пак, не забравяйте да ползвате слънцезащитни продукти. Изгарянето никога не е било на мода. Забравете и за синтетичните материи и носете повече бяло! Това може да е:

1. полу-прозрачна риза без ръкави, която лесно се съчетава с поли или къси панталони и придава малко повече женственост

или пък 2. Ризата на гаджето, както напоследък я наричат – семпла и удобна,

а защо не и 3. Къса пола с джобове и весела лятна бродерия,

а най-добре да се шмугнете в 4. един широк гащеризон – хитът на това лято.

5. Всъщност, изобщо не е задължително да е бял. Може и син…

6. А може и да не е гащиризон, а шорти и тениска, стига да се вижда коремче…

7. Потник и шорти също е вариант, като актуални са доста изрязани модели. Ако се притеснявате, че нещо може да ви се покаже от тук – от там, сложете горнище на бански в неонов цвят и готово! 😉

Ако го раздавате по-секси, за вас е вариант 8. Бюстие от деним + пола с висока талия. Много е важно да не ви се показва пъпът. Това ще е модерно след година – две.

9. Ето още една актуална пола за лятото – леопард, отпред – къса, отзад – модерна.
Разбрахме се вече за пъпа! 😉

Ако не сте много по комбинациите, пъхнете се в 10. Леко винтидж рокле, с което ще изглеждате толкова удобно колкото ще се и чувствате – като по нощница.

И последно, за да закръглим числото, предложение 11. – за най-мързеливите: червена ризо-тунико-рокля. Какво по-хубаво от това да нахлузиш нещо на себе си и да излезеш без да ти пука колко градуса е навън? Съчетава се перфектно както със сандали, така и с боти. Гаранция, че ще ви забележат, особено ако е ветровито.

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Fashion riot!

I refuse to be a victim, I refuse to be a victim, I refuse to be…

The fashion of shoes is changing a little slower than with clothes. Why do I say so? I’ve noticed that for the last several years the idea of a „sexy shoe“ didn’t change so much. Of course, the models and the colors change every season, there are different styles, every designer is trying to promote his vision, but what’s widely spread and considered to be sexy and trendy is similar. Here’s what I’m talking about in my amateur sketch:

Look at these two ankle strap shoes. The accent of the „Now“ one is on the ankle part, it lifts all the shoe up and looks sexier. I suppose the majority would prefer this one when they see both on the feet of a real person (without even realizing why). The reason is that in the last few years it was a huge trend all the ankle sandals, boots, and everything which is close to the ankle or on the front part of the foot. See these for instance:

Dior 2008 Fall RTW

John Galliano 2009 Fall RTW

Hermes 2010 Spring RTW

Sergio Rossi 2011 Spring RTW

Donna Karan 2012 Spring RTW

Of course, these are all very different, but if you look closer, you will realize that the accent in all of these shoes is on the ankle part or around it. The toe part is usually very minimal especially the last two years.

Now here’s my statement! I’ve decided to be against this! I found my old shoes with the thin straps on the top and a massive one on the toe part, they even have square toes and wide square heel which is not even straight, but becoming wider as it goes down 🙂 – everything anti-fashion! I found the right outfit for them and I made a walk like that in Paris. Guess what! All the women were looking at my feet as if it was some new trend. I guess the most shocking was the duck toes. I followed the sight of a girl who first looked at my outfit, then followed down to the shoes and just when she thought it’s over and was about to look aside, she gazed at my shoes for a second time. I’m sure she was very curious where I bought them from… Anyway, I’m just trying to say that being stylish and interesting doesn’t always mean you need to have the newest fashion piece. It just means to be confident in yourself and to be brave enough to go against the rules from time to time.



Summeeeeeer! Hurraaaaay! :)

Several degrees more and a full sky of sun can make a person much more positive.I am full of energy this week and I am ready for new challenges! Besides, it’s the last week of the summer sales in Paris so I’m going to do my last cheap shopping. I hope I’ll find something cute in my size. Anyway, enjoy my naked back meanwhile.