How to attract male attention

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1. Self-assurance! It will come once you believe that you are a star and you are the best! YOU ARE!!!

2. Learn to walk! The way you move is attractive if you do it well. It would help if you record your walking on video and then watch while trying to analyse what you like or don’t like. It is really important and sometimes even if your physical attributes are not the best, you can still attract men’s sights just because your walk is very feminine and sexy.

3. Don’t be lazy, put your heels on! Everybody love high heel shoes – no matter the sex. Should I say that they add centimeters to your height, makes your legs look longer and the muscles and bottom – better shaped? I think we all know this. There is another thing – the noise. No matter how high your heels are, the fact that there is heels noise somewhere makes everybody turn arround immediately – just to see who’s this girl and if she looks as beautiful as she sounds.

4. Don’t look in the eyes. You are a star, remember? The more you look in men’s eyes, the more accessible you will seem to them. And they love women that are hard to gain. Just show you are too busy to pay attention.

5. If you’re fishing you should put some bait on! In men fishing the bait is the color, the rod is the lipstick, God is a DJ, life is a dance floor. (kidding) Use all kinds of rods and baits and don’t be shy.

6. Try not to look false.  The more natural you look, the better. It will soon become an attitude to everything in your life and people will respect you more. Convince yourself that being confident and stylish is part of who you are.

7. It wouldn’t hurt wearing more skirts or dresses. Especially if you have a pair of straight legs. Show them to the world. Men are intrigued by clothes they don’t usually wear (not yet) – skirts, bras, high heels… everything like that attracts them. Just be careful on the shortness of the skirt – there should be balance in everything.

8. Spoil yourself a little. Buy yourself something expensive (garment, lingerie, cosmetics). Once in a while do something for yourself, like going to a beauty salon or SPA. You are a woman and you deserve it!

9. People admire other people who follow their principles. If you show that you respect yourself and the others, you will get the admiration of men. And the jealousy of women, but that’s another topic.

10. Don’t look like a desperate housewife. Be a lady and you will be surrounded by men who open the door for you and stand up when you walk in the place. But remember, you are not a lady if you need to tell people you are. It’s not me who said it, Margaret Thatcher did.



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