According to Urban Dictionary „fashionista“ is a term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends.

In today’s Urban society, „fashionista“ is not by any means a negative term.
Thanks to television shows like „Sex and the City“ rather more specifically, thanks to actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, the image of a „fashionista“ has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role.

Pace Wu in Paris

Pace Wu (Wu Peici, 吴佩慈) is a famous Taiwanese actress. She definitely stood out of the crowd on Paris Fashion Week with her all-in-red outfit accented with these huge green pumps.


Paris Fashion Week: Asian Invasion

Here are most of the outfits on Asian fashionistas that attracted my attention. Please do not accept the title wrong, I love Asian people and I truly believe they are the real kings and queens of fashion!

(please click on any of the images to see the entire gallery)

Man in skirt – is it still strange?

Not for me… I don’t see anything shocking in that. It’s time male wardrobe gets a bit more inspired and interesting. The latent will of men to attract attention by their looks had to materialize sooner or later. And there is no need to wait any more.

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