Bulgarian prom

As I already mentioned earlier, every end of May in Bulgaria there is a „fashion week“ because of the proms. All the people who graduate from high school and at the same time come of age (it’s 18 for Bulgaria) have to celebrate because this means they are entering the real world. Traditions like this exist all over the world. What makes the Bulgarian prom different is that it’s really a feast for all the cities – there is always a place where all the school leavers go to take a picture, to show their outfit in front of friends, relatives or just cornermen eager for the show. It’s not every day that you see so many young people making a peculiar competition who will look better. Everything has to be better – the best outfit, the most expensive car, the cutest guy/girl as a company (lately it’s been fashionable to invite a celebrity to your prom – of course it’s only possible for those with rich parents). What is crazy is that in their ambition to be original and attract attention, they are doing crazy things like coming to the prom on a cart or tractor or lorry. A guy once made a scandal arriving on a police car (probably he knew a policeman and managed to make him drive). I won’t be surprised if somebody arrives on the prom by helicopter or balloon. The important thing is to shout out loud in order to make everyone hear that you’re graduating, this is why often they count from 1 to 12 (for all the years spent at school). Here’s some crazy images and some absurd outfits. My only request is : „Please do NOT do that at home!“

As for my prom, … well… I don’t wanna talk about it… 🙂