Баркод / Barcode

Model talking

This gorgeous girl is from Romania and she’s working as a model. I think she mentioned that she lives in Milan actually. Anyway, I think Paris suits her very well and she suits Paris… as much as her tights suit her amazing body! 🙂


Summeeeeeer! Hurraaaaay! :)

Several degrees more and a full sky of sun can make a person much more positive.I am full of energy this week and I am ready for new challenges! Besides, it’s the last week of the summer sales in Paris so I’m going to do my last cheap shopping. I hope I’ll find something cute in my size. Anyway, enjoy my naked back meanwhile.

How to wear a red dress

Enjoy my photos with my refreshed red dress. I think it’s equally great with basket shoes or with high heels. I’ve changed the bags too, the second one is also remodeled by me. I just added a piece of fur to a very basic purse that I would probably never wear otherwise. I stole the fur from the sleeve of my mom’s old winter coat. I grab it when I’m going out clubbing or on special occasions – the only inconvenience is its small size.

What’s the link between Coca-Cola, KFC and fashion?

Apparently, there was a link before…