The leather skirt





Black leather skirts were very fashionable last year, we’ve seen them in many different styles, but this year we see a lot of colored ones and I think it’s really cool.

Blue_leather_skirt_street_style Camel_leather_mini_skirt_street_style Old_style_leather_skirt_red

Whatever you choose, know that leather is very stewing and you’ll be hot in the summer. There are advantages in genuine leather (it’s more breathing than the artificial one, softer and stronger), but it all depends on whether you would agree to wear a dead animal on you. If you have no problem with it and fashion is above everything for you, go for it…

Orange_leather_skirt_street_style Red_long_leather_skirt_street_style Yellow_color_leather_skirt_street_style

I will risk to seem old by saying I was wearing leather skirts (black and red) when I was 15. It was very fashionable back in time. And if I am not wrong, what comes next is nubuck or velvet skirts and clothes in general.

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