Bulgarian beauty: Stefie / Българска хубост: Стефи

Here she is – my friend and the person who supplies me with the best photos on this blog. Isn’t she adorable with her red hair and cute summer outfit.

Ето я – моята приятелка и човекът, който ме снабдява с най-добрите снимки в този блог. Не е ли прекрасна с червената си коса и тази сладурска лятна премяна (простете, не можах да намеря по-добър превод на outfit).


Neon bag + denim shirt + sneakers

It seems like this girl has all the elements of a super trendy summer outfit (although it still doesn’t feel like a real summer in Paris) – denim shirt, which goes with absolutely everything; sneakers – being sportive before the Olympics is really trendy so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Most of all I love the bag of this girl. The shape reminds me of my first school bag. Moreover, neon is probably the biggest trend this summer, although It’s so visible that my eyes are tired of seeing too much of it. Put neon accessories as an accent, but it’s a rule to not put two things in different neon colors. Now forget about the rules and be yourself – express yourself and be whoever you feel like 😉

What’s the link between Coca-Cola, KFC and fashion?

Apparently, there was a link before…

The serious girl!

She’s coming from The States and she may look like a cute little Pippi, but she is actually here to prove that law people are everything but boring…