God bless America!

Photo: Stefany


I said it once, I said it twice and I’m gonna say it for a third time now! RED is the color! Of my life, of life at all and of this summer. You don’t need to be Claudia Schiffer to realize it. I met this Russian girl about two weeks ago on Champs Elysees. Enjoy her perfect look!

(photo via http://fashionbycajus.com)


Hello Lithuania!

Lithuanian people seem to be very stylish… if we judge by this charming and friendly Lithuanian girl… There’s one thing I still regret since we met her with my friend Stefany (the photographer) – that we didn’t take her friend’s photo. I hope she excuses us… And if you read this (i’m talking to both of you), please do not be afraid to send me some more photos of your amazing outfits! 🙂