What I remember from 1994 is that I was the World Cup of football in the USA, where Bulgaria made it to the semi-finals and finally became the forth strongest team in the world. I was still a kid at that time, but I’ll never forget all the joy and euphoria in the streets. It was a day-and-night party. There are many people who still remember that championship and when I say I’m from Bulgaria, they immediately say the name of Hristo Stoichkov – the best football player for 1994 and a proud owner of the dream of every football player – the European Golden shoe award and Golden ball award.

As for the fashion of that time… here’s some scanned magazine pages:

Is the main pyramid of the Louvre Museum really made of 666 pieces of glass?

Who cares? Let’s talk about style! 😉

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to my good friend and a perfect photographer Stefany who took this photo. I wouldn’t have done it so great 🙂