За имената в модата


Много поучително и приятно за гледане видео, продукция на модното списание I-D. Oсобено ако сте се чудили преди как да произнесете Ann Demeulemeester, например. Още съм в догадки чии са червените устни, но бих се обзаложила, че са на модела Lindsay Wixson 🙂


Sometimes she speaks… ;)

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Diamonds on the catwalk

There is one show that every man would love to see in live. I’m talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year’s one comes to prove that Rihanna can look as gorgeous and sexy as the models on that same stage despite the several centimeters of height difference. Now calm down, take a deep breath and try not to faint while looking at all this sexiness (especially if you fight for women’s rights).