Mission “Cake” – fulfilled!

Yesterday was my son’s first birthday and I’ve been planning on having a nice colorful cake. It turned out that ordering a cake like that was quite pricy in Paris, so I’ve decided I will learn to make it myself. What a self-confidence, right? Fortunately, the birthday wave started about one month ago and I had the oportunity to make several tries which were also quite successful (well, for a beginner of course).

Here’s the first cake I made for a friend…Cake 1

It was quite tasty actually, but obviously the visualisation wasn’t its strength 🙂 The second one was better outside than inside…


But finally, the most important one turned well – outside and inside! 🙂

cake Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh birthday cake

Мечо Пух на торта за рожден ден

Торта Мечо Пух

(If you are wondering, the circle in the middle is for the candle and it is supposed to read “Yann 1 year”)

Here are some photos of the process:


Once I have the cake baked and the different “floors” stuck together, I use butter cream to spread around so that the covering sticks better on the top.


I buy fondant which comes in different quantities and colors, then roll it out to have the desired shape. DSCN1437 DSCN1438 DSCN1439 DSCN1442

This is the glucose syrup I use to glue the small details to the cake

DSCN1443 DSCN1444

And meanwhile…DSCN1449


DSCN1447 DSCN1597And one year later…DSCN6836


2 thoughts on “Mission “Cake” – fulfilled!

  1. When I saw the photos from his bday party, the first thing I noticed was that the cake and how fantastic it looked. Now that I know that you made it I am even more impressed. Excellent job!

    • Thank you, J! 🙂 I am also very glad it worked out. Now at least I can make cakes on certain occasions. Actually it is not as hard as it seems…

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