Fashion week? – Oh, please!

Today is the start of the Fall 2013 Ready to Wear Fashion Week in Paris. And I am not going to be there! But this has nothing to do with the fact that I am sick (and 6 months pregnant) and I have no will to go out as it is quite cold in Paris. I’ve been outside the shows of three fashion weeks, on two of which I’ve managed to take some photos and I don’t feel like it’s my thing any more. I’ve decided to be completely honest with myself and admit that Fashion Week is a traveling circus. That’s right – it’s not exciting, it is not as shiny and sparkling as it seems on those colorful pictures of those great photographers… It’s an illusion and I don’t want to be part of it any more. Thank you Fashion Week for this wisdom you gave me. What I’ve learned is that fashion is not about what you wear and how many people would take photos of you, it is not about vanity or celebrity complexes. It is about creating something new. Being not able to attend the fashion shows (except the ones I sneaked in) I don’t find a reason for myself to go there again. I mean, yes, of course that sometimes there are great people with great outfits, really inspiring ideas just walking outside the defiles, but most of the time you see all those fashionistas, artificial dolls and pretentious fashion icon-wannabees for whom this is just another PR. I mean, I really think that half of the people attending fashion shows have no interest in actually watching the shows, but to BE THERE and HAVE THEIR PICTURE TAKEN. It’s so shallow!

And if somebody would go and wait for one hour before a fashion show for some star to arrive, what are we talking about? Stars are covered by security and when somebody really popular appears, the crowd of photographers gets completely crazy and they are ready to kill just to take a good shot. And this all is also an advertisement and it is planned in advance – it’s good for the brand’s name, it’s good for the celebrity’s name too. I just don’t see how this is good for me. This is why I declare that I will avoid this Fashion Week and I will keep on healing myself at home until the circus’ tour in Paris packs up and goes back to where it came from.



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