Men in skirts and more

Here are some fresh photos from Haute Couture Spring 2013 Fashion Week in ParisParis man skirt men in skirts Paris fashion week man in a skirt men wearing skirts See all posts on MEN IN SKIRTS

And some more fashion challenging men… man high heels man on high heels man wearing high heels during Paris Fashion Week men on high heels men on heels Haute Couture 2013 street style, man on heels


7 thoughts on “Men in skirts and more

  1. I don’t know what to make of all this, tbh. I guess if wearing heels makes them happy, then they should definitely go for it. I for one prefer flats. 😀 I should maybe mention that I don’t mind seeing gays and transgenders in these sort of outfits (on the contrary), but this look is not something I’d prefer to NOT see on a straight man. 😉 Except for the skirt. Skirt on a man can be sexy.

    • Haha, I am on your side. Skirts – no problem, it’s comfortable, it can be masculine enough, but come on, heels?! They brake our feet, they are uncomfortable!!!
      I’d like to hardly torture that person who first created them if I could. I’d like to erase high heels from the memory of all the humanity, if I could. And now men have decided to maltreat themselves with high heels, what’s wrong with them? 🙂

      • 🙂 You know, I have to say I’m surprised you have such a strong opinion, cause you’re always designing (and posting) high heels. 😀

      • Good point! I’ve realized that women won’t stop wearing high heels and they’ll always be considered as sexy and good looking. When I sketch shoes it’s more about imagination, now if we’re talking about producing them, I would do them much more comfortable.
        As for me, I can’t wear high heels any more, I’ve given up and it feels good seeing other women wearing them and breaking their feet while I feel comfortable in my flats. 🙂 For sure it’s better than me breaking my feet watching at other women wearing flats. Now ain’t that mean? 😛

  2. Skirts for men, absolutely a big YES to this question! High heels…… well, we know men were the first who wore high heels but I think not the same kind like women wear today. For myself high heels sometimes a “Must” depend on event, but I like moderate high styled heels.
    I have also to say that everybody should know what they want to wear, have their own and free choice and opinion and be able to do it in expression their very very own personality. Nbody should be influenced by others.
    It looks like that the man skirt has been caught on, so what we should do is to encourage men showing up in their own different style without pants restriction.

  3. Yes for men’s skirts. High heels…. well if you like it, but it’s not my favorite. I agree, it looks like that men’s skirts are really going to be a part in men’s wardrobe. We’ll see more in a while.

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