No more street style? :(

You are probably wondering why I stopped with the street photos. To be honest, it’s quite cold right now and I try to keep myself and the baby warm so I don’t make long strolls like before. Even when I am outside in Paris, no matter how many cool people I see, I am not excited enough to run after them and ask if they would agree to be taken a picture. But! There are some good news – there’s the Haute Couture Fashion Week coming at the end of this month, so I will surely be there and try to capture some good looking people in order to keep myself and you posted on what’s trendy. Until then, well you’ll have to enjoy my outfits. -“Blaaaaah, how boring!” 😉

DSCN9680 DSCN9681 DSCN9683 DSCN9685 (2) DSCN9687 (2) DSCN9695 DSCN9697 DSCN9701 DSCN9707


2 thoughts on “No more street style? :(

  1. That red bag is fantastic. And, of course, you look radiant. 🙂

    Btw, if you’re walking out wearing that outfit, then it’s no wonder you’re cold. :p (Just kidding, obviously). 😉

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