Happy You’re Near!

This post is for all of you who, just like me, for some reason or another, will meet the New Year (or if you’re in New Zealand, have already met it) at home, maybe even alone. I remember when I was a kid we were always celebrating New Year at home with the family. There was no Santa, there was the so called Dyado Mraz (Дядо Мраз a.k.a. Jack Frost) who was coming with the presents at exactly midnight. Things have changed since then, Bulgaria was hit by Western influence and somehow Dyado Mraz was changed by the new, more colorful and rich Santa Clause. People started go out on New Year’s Eve and celebrate it noisily with many friends, sometimes in another city or even abroad. The family started to gather only around Christmas. But the memories stayed…

So tonight, in just 10 hours I will celebrate the beginning of 2013 with my boyfriend in an intimate atmosphere at home – just like when I was a kid. Truth is we couldn’t organize on time our trip to Amsterdam. But preparing something tasty and listening to old vinyls doesn’t sound so bad either. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate what we have, to be happy that we are together, to be happy that in 2013 a lot of new events will happen, a lot of new experiences will be lived and hope together that all the bad things will stay in the past.

I wish all of you a peaceful and joyful New 2013 Year! Be free, be grateful for what you have and love everybody – no matter if they love you back. As the song sings, be good for goodness sake. 😉


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