The future of fashion

As everything else, Fashion has to go green. God knows who created this new green hurricane, but it’s obviously working as it has pushed industries’ development and changed market’s needs.

Examples of successful green fashion campaigns are many in the latest at least 10 years. Probably the name that comes first to our minds is that of Stella McCartney who was one of the first to dive into this idea.

It sure has taken time for designers to start putting the words “fashion” and “sustainability” at the same sentence. Today more and more brands produce sustainable clothes and the researches in this area have grown really quickly.

Here are some of the innovations that can give us a breathe of fresh air and make us feel a bit less guilty when we wear fashion clothes.

Recycled fabrics: Yes, they are used a lot these days. It could be bio cotton, bio cannabis (no kidding), recycled polyester made of plastic bottles or its so called Newlife version used by Georgio Armani for the design of Livia Firth’s dress for the 2012 Golden Globes Awards.

Livia Firth Golden Globes 2012

Sustainable leather: Incredible but a fact! I’m talking about faux-suede made of microfiber called Dinamica which is produced in Italy from 100 % recycled plastic bottles. It is used a lot in car industry, but is rapidly entering into the Fashion world. Beyond skin is the UK brand that first started using it for footwear production. Compared to petroleum-based polyester, Dinamica cuts carbon emissions by 60 %.

Beyond skin

Milk fabric: It’s hard to believe that milk can not only be drunk, but also worn. German designer Anke Domaske has come up with the idea of a fibre produced of the milk protein casein and used in fashion clothes design. The new fabric looks a lot like silk and has many advantages such as 0 % chemical content and antibacterial effect as well as blood circulation and body temperature balance. More over, the proteins contained in the milk can even have an anti-aging effect. For more information on the fashion brand of the designer, see the site: Mademoiselle Chi Chi


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