White flowers everywhere! :)

I bought a flower when I was in Sofia. It was intended for a friend of mine. Just like that. I don’t know, I was just walking in the street and I saw a flower shop so I said: “That would be nice, people don’t give flowers nowadays”.

I met this cute couple in the street and I asked if I could take a photo of them. Their first reaction was: “Oh, no, what’s with the white flowers?” I said there was no link to the flower and I explained I’d like to photograph them for my blog. “The city’s full of people holding the same white flowers, it is like a sect or something!” – they said.

I took their photo and then I started thinking. Why did I buy it? Maybe I saw someone else with a flower and my unconsciousness pushed me to the flower shop? Or was it just this day that the white flowers were fresher than the others and many other people decided to take them? When is it a coincidence and when is it becoming a decision provoked by some “fashion” trend?


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