The journey of life

People are curious by default. We are always in search for answers. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? How did we come? What’s the sense in all that?

I am not going to say that I’ve came to a conclusion or something like that, I will just say that this trip to Bulgaria made me rediscover people I knew before in a different way. People I had never expected to have this kind of conversations with. And it’s strange, but these conversations all lead to one place – science, religion and philosophy and the unity of them all. Now please, don’t think I got crazy or I’ve become a believer, I’ve always acted as an atheist. I’m quite reasonable and pragmatic. Let’s say, this trip was special. In stead of just visiting friends and family and relax with good Bulgarian food, I’ve also learned something and the fact that I spoke to different people about things which, at the end, don’t have a conflict, means to me that there’s a truth somewhere which is common for all of us and we are all capable of reaching it – we chose the ways.

I continued a book by Franz Kafka I’d started some two years ago. It’s called “Metamorphosis”. While reading it I asked myself: OK, imagine we are all looking in a different way. Imagine we are just programmed to see each other this way, and we are in fact something completely different. We are ants, for example. We are happy to see a beautiful person, we are even attracted to this beauty, but what if this is just in our brains? Is the way we look so important? Isn’t it more important the feeling you have to a person? And here it comes again – we usually get along with people our age, our interests, our intellectual level or higher… We want to communicate with individuals who ask the same questions like us, or even more interesting questions. Because together we are stronger, because together we can give more ideas about the answers and find a faster way to them…

I ask myself why I started this post. My thoughts lead to one thing – we all have to stop thinking just about the everyday things – going to work, making money, spending time on making more money and having no time at the end for enjoying life. We have to do something we like, socialize with more interesting people, try to think outside what we see and try to see trough the material wrap and look for the reasons in everything, for the core of things.

I guess I have to stop here before all my followers think I’m crazy and unfollow me. 🙂 Have a great Sunday everyone!


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