As you all know I am in Bulgaria now, my home country. I am having great time with my family and friends. Feeling good sounds too pale. Feeling alive is probably better. Not just because everybody around me speak a language that sounds so familiar, but also because things here change so quickly, especially in the capital Sofia. They are building a second line of the subway (for a long time there was just one line, as the city is not that big, and the second line was just a plan for the future). By the way, did you know that an Italian designer has designed the map of the New York subway and he even offered to call it Metro, which is much more used around the world. His name is Massimo Vignelli. In Bulgaria we also use the word Metro.

I don’t know who designed the Sofia subway map, but the more important is what happens around the new stations, a lot of works have been made meanwhile and many parts of the city look totally different now.


Another great thing I was reminded about is the rich cultural life. You can never be bored here. All kinds of music stars – local and international are making concerts in Sofia and other big cities. Last Sunday it was Jennifer Lopez, on Tuesday there was Macy Gray and more and more are about to come. Some of them not for the first time.

You have plenty of theatre plays and the theatres are full of people. I swear, I went to see a play on Tuesday, there were almost no seats left. Let alone all the galleries, museums, cool new clubs, great restaurants… oh la la! 🙂 I feel really proud I am coming from here.


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, in the winter you can enjoy many winter sports at the mountain resorts for quite a reasonable price (for sure it’s much cheaper than in Western Europe, just ask). Probably the best is Bansko, where you can find a great SPA and wellness base, luxurious hotels, traditional architecture good food and very strange Bulgarian dialect coming from the locals.



3 thoughts on “Sofia

  1. We say “Metro” too. 🙂 And J.LO had a concert on Monday night. 🙂 I’ve never been to Bansko, but I’ve heard many, many positive things about it, as a lot of my friends went. We were in Bulgaria once on the Black Sea, and spent three weeks there. I cannot remember the name of the village now.
    Have fun, and rest.

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