The good restaurant

What is a good restaurant? Is it that expensive one where you celebrate the anniversary with your beloved? Or is it the one you’re going to eat at your lunch break every day? How important is the place and what matters the most – the atmosphere, the price, the speed,  the people or the food?

In my opinion the most important component is the cook. He/she is that secret ingredient that can make people come again and wait the queue in front of the doors. Once I’ve been told a story about the greatest restaurant on the seaside in Bulgaria, a friend of mine was trying to look for it and he said he was following all the directions he was given, but when he arrived the place looked nothing like a great restaurant – it was closer to a garage with some 5 tables inside, nothing special. Anyways, once he was there he wanted to try something (as he was really hungry) so he sat down and ordered. By his words, it was one of the best dishes he’d ever eaten. That proves it – if you have a good cook, you can make the place work and people talk, no matter what.

I have been in some great restaurants while I’ve traveled around the world, but there are places I will always return to just for the good food. I’d like to tell you about one of these places, it’s located in a city on the North-East of Paris, called Laon. The cook is impeccable, seriously. The lunch menu costs 11.90 euros and the owner/waiter doesn’t push you to choose something in particular (as they always do). And they make the most delicious sauce for fish, mmm… I know you can’t judge by the looks, but please accept these photos as a demonstration of the skills of that cook:

Here’s the address if by any chance you’re passing trough Laon:

Restaurant “La Pierre à Clous”, 17 rue de la Châtelaine 02000 Laon                               Telephone: 03 23 79 39 39

As for Laon, it’s a cosy historical city with some very nice sites and cute little boutiques. I’m so going there again! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The good restaurant

    • It’s called millefeuille in French and is something like a pancake but a crispy one. I see now on Google that obviously it’s used a lot for deserts. It was a great idea for a tuna starter though. I’m not an expert in cooking, that’s why I don’t talk so much about the dishes I post here… 🙂

    • Well, nothing is better than cooking your own food at home, I’ve said it before. I’m always a little scared when I eat outside because I can’t be sure if the products are fresh etc. and there are so many cases of people caching diseases eating outside… But I personally need a break from time to time and I try to go back to places I know already.

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