Man in skirt – is it still strange?

Not for me… I don’t see anything shocking in that. It’s time male wardrobe gets a bit more inspired and interesting. The latent will of men to attract attention by their looks had to materialize sooner or later. And there is no need to wait any more.

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14 thoughts on “Man in skirt – is it still strange?

  1. I’m sorry, but seeing a man in skirt still makes me giggle. 😀 I agree that men should attract attention by their looks, but this is definitely not the way to go about it (in my book), lol. It’s entertaining nevertheless.

    • I think you’re just not used to the idea as a lot of other people. I already accepted it and I don’t see the problem at all – it’s so much comfortable than trousers after all…

        People have a negative imagery about men in skirts because we have been conditioned to think this way by media, Hollywood and society. But just like women in pants, skirt will become completely acceptable as people start seeing men wearing masculine skirts made and designed for men. Consider the kilt, it is a skirt yet crosses all the taboos of society, in fact it is considered the most masculine of garments for a man to wear, yet it’s still a skirt. Men is skirts is no different from women wearing pants.

  2. dresses are great. everyone should wear them, but apparently there’s a lot more work to be done before they get accepted as a clothing for everybody. the dress is taking some time. women in pants looked “weird” too, a hundred years ago.

      • It’s time for men to have their revolution in fashion, and we are see this trend sweep throughout the west. Women showed the world that gender has nothing to do with clothing and made the most masculine garment feminine. This is not about men wearing feminine skirts, rather it is about men reclaiming masculine skirted garments, the garment that was originally a men’s garment. Let not forget that in MOST countries outside the west, skirts are an acceptable men’s garment, so why not here in the west? If women are not restricted in what they can wear, then why should us men! If women can have a feminine option in pants, then men can have a masculine option in skirts; Otherwise it’s just a double standard! If pants can become acceptable for women, then so can skirts for men!

  3. it is overtime for men to go forward. Skirted garments are made actually for men because a pair of pants doesn’t look good on most them, see back side. Only a few men can wear pants. The other point, skirts usually a male garment only in past, so why not today?

  4. Mara, the question is not “why not today”, the question is that most people in our “open minded” societies do not think anymore – they just see their own little field around themselves, all what is different from this point of view must be wrong… somehow. Just rearranging prejudices. I think it is time that men should go and do what they should do: Be MAN and wear what they like…… same what women did in past and do today.

  5. As towards the idea of a skirt for man, yes why not. It’s more comfortable and in a time of equal rights for all such streches also out to clothing.
    The examples provided by the photo’s above are in my opinion the more extreme examples thus increasing the higth of the treashold for acceptance and therefor counter productive. But that is what is of importance in general, one’s own taste is the guide used. Do you want te blend in or stand out, a question which is not dictated by the item of clothing one wants to wear

  6. As a man who wears skirts daily – and has for many years – all I can say is “its about time!”. It took my wife awhile to get used to the idea, but she supports me 100% – we sometimes go out in matching outfits.

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