The Russian Block at Paris Fashion Week

We know them. They are beautiful, successful and glamorous! Meet the Russian girls all wearing shoes from the capsule collection of Natalia Vodianova for Centro – a project which is part of her charity foundation “Naked heart”. For more information visit the website here. I love Natalia for what she does.

Right to left: Mira Duma, Vika Gazinskaya, Ulyana Sergeenko, Natalia Vodianova, Elena Perminova, new girl

Vika Gazinskaya is my favourite girl! 🙂

You may not believe it but Vika is holding the paper bag that became a legend. A Jil Sander creation, the price of this normal looking lunch bag is 190 euros. And it’s really made of paper! I believe Vika just wanted to make a statement here.

Ulyana Sergeenko

The new Ulyana?

Maybe just a copy?

Elena Perminova – as shiny as always!

Anya Ziourova






6 thoughts on “The Russian Block at Paris Fashion Week

  1. Ulyana and Vika have the best styles – by my standards anyway. 🙂 I just love Ulyana’s dress and head gear.

    So Vika actually carried that lunch bag I told you about? LOL! What does it look like in person? Does it visually differs from other paper bags?

    • Haha! Thanks to you I knew what was it all about. The bag is just a normal paper bag although I think it should last longer… And Vika was using it as a hand bag. It’s funny to see a person who would actually pay the money. But she’s a designer – that’s why I think she was just making a statement with that bag.

      • It’s definitely a statement. 🙂 LOL And it’s so cool that I could help you out. So awesome. 😀

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