Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 – the models

I’ve made it! I was part of Paris Fashion Week. It still hasn’t finished yet, but I feel really tired. One of the advantages of living in Paris is that you don’t have to fly kilometers to get to the events. It’s enough to take the subway.

This week (and the next maybe) I am going to flood you with photos and my own impressions from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013. I will only publish the good ones and as my camera is a basic one, it won’t be hard to choose.

What I can say as a beginning to summarize all the event is a phrase from Bulgarian song saying “Разпуснаха цирка и е пълно със пациенти” meaning something like “They’ve dismissed the circus and it’s full of freaks out there”. It’s official – you can’t meet all these peculiar people outside fashion week, you just don’t see them in the streets. They exist only at this time of the year, exactly at these places for these cameras exactly. Such an illusion! If you’ve always thought that fashion is about clothes and beauty – you are wrong! It’s about promoting yourself. I brought my man with me one of the days (he has nothing to do with fashion) and later he asked me: “Why does it all exist? Is someone having fun there at all?”

Good question – who’s having fun? Is it the designers, or the models, or the invited guests to the fashion shows or the fashion editors, or the stars, or the photographers, or the bloggers, or the people who’ve appeared there just to have their photo taken?

Actually, I had fun! For me it was enough to be around so many beautiful people and things. I try to let the negative emotions pass me by and get only the positive ones. Of course, I can talk for hours how everybody are snobbish and false and hypocritical and bighead. But I prefer not to be bad. Let’s just admit it – to be part of the fashion world, of course you have to love yourself. Otherwise you will not survive, you will be smashed by your own complexes. Because really, when you see all these beautiful people with deep pockets and high social rank, you can get a little depressed. Except if you look at the facts and realize that before being personalities, we are all people and we are all equal. There is a reason for success – it doesn’t just fall from the sky. It is a result of lots of efforts, of years of trying… and you’re nothing without a talent! I loved what Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya said when I asked her “What’s the formula of success?” – she answered simply: “You have to work hard!”

Believe in yourself, work hard and use every chance you have, even create a chance, love yourself – that’s what everybody has to do if they want to survive in this insane world.

During this week I’ve seen very different aspects of this “world” and it made me understand it even more. I was at the same time a blogger, a photographer (how could I say that at all), I was photographed many times, I took interviews, I was taken interviews, I met very interesting people, I made one friend, I spoke to people I admired before like photographer Kamel Lahmadi, for example. I photographed celebrities… I even had the chance to attend a fashion show. Shortly, I’ve taken all the chances I had!

My photo journey starts right now with the pure beauty of the models. I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment what you think about all this.

3 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 – the models

  1. Warning: here comes a strong opinion. 🙂

    To me, these people are no more beautiful than my colleagues at work, my friends, neighbours, the people on the bus, my family. In fact, these girls are all a bit ugly if you ask me. They’re too skinny, and they all pretty much look the same to me. See, I like fashion, in a sense that I like clothing and accessories, but I dislike the industry with the same passion that I choose what to wear in the morning.

    With that said, I am looking forward to the sequels of this post. 🙂 I am so super glad for you, and happy that you were able to be a part of something that inspires you. Also, you bring good points across – like that to achieve anything we need to stay focused and work hard.

      • Thank you for being understanding of my pov, because I was perhaps a bit harsh in bringing my point across. I do enjoy fashion to some extent. I wouldn’t follow your blog so devoutly otherwise. 🙂

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