I made a little research and I realized there were a lot of people who don’t know what is a wok. In case you are one of them or you are just interested to learn something more about it, please continue reading.

Wok is a deep round pan (diameters start from 30 cm and increase) used for stir frying. It is one of the most common cooking utensils used in China, East and Southeast Asia. You may not believe it but the diversity of dishes prepared in a wok is enormous. Along with stir frying, it can be used for steaming, boiling, stewing, smoking and even roasting nuts. You can combine it with a glass lid or a metal grill used for steaming. A spatula or ladle is used to turn the food around.

In the past the shape of the wok was absolutely round and was used directly on fire but with the stoves invasion its shape was adjusted and its bottom became flat.

Wok restaurants are getting more and more popular. They offer hot, cooked and delicious fast food. Most commonly you have a buffet with fresh products from which you choose and then pass them to the cook. The dish is in front of you in no time.

I personally love using a wok as it is huge and the oil doesn’t spread everywhere when I cook. Its shape allows the cooking oil to be collected only in the central part which means that once you’ve heated it, you put the products inside and then you just need to stir in order to make everything pass trough the hot oil. It is fast, convenient and very delicious.

There is a tricky part – it’s huge so you may have problems washing it. Have in mind that if your sink is small, you’d better think of another option.

I prefer to use the wok for stir frying. I’ve made different kinds of meat, eggs, vegetables, rise dishes. Its big size allowed me to mix even pasta with sauce inside. I am learning to cook some traditional Chinese dishes right now, so I’m after all kinds of Chinese sauces and spices. As soon as I succeed I will share something here, with an explanation how to do it of course.

A practical advice – if you are planning to buy one of these, make sure it has an additional handle as sometimes the content of the wok can be really heavy for just one handle.


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