Fashion inspiration by Marie Meunier

Marie Meunier is a French fashion designer whose Paris boutique I discovered last week. In a very interesting conversation we had she told me about her creative path, about how hard it was for her to make her way through the life of fashion and finally arrive to her dream. It was really inspiring to talk to such a strong woman, for me it was very emotional.

When I was looking at her designs, I realized her works are extraordinary. They are not garments you could imagine or see in the street every day. They are like sculptures, they are 3D, as she says. And it’s true – the technics she uses to design the clothes directly on the human body is comparable to the work of a sculptor. “The fabrics I use are different, they move in a different way when they touch the body, how can you draw that? It is impossible to make a sketch of that”.

I told her I liked the vests with no seam between the sleeve and the main part and I added this was very trendy. Here’s what she answered:

“I don’t really care about what people think is fashionable or not, what are the trends. You can tell me this is a trendy garment, but I create pieces which are timeless and not connected to the fashion trends now”.

You can find more information about Marie Meunier on her official site:

The facade of her boutique in Paris.


3 thoughts on “Fashion inspiration by Marie Meunier

  1. Two years ago I visited Paris for the very first time with my two sisters. We happened upon Maria Meunier’s salon and spent the better part of the afternoon there. She was so charming, and allowed me to try to speak to her in my broken French. I bought a pair of black gabardine wrap-style cropped pants, that are amazing, and a reversible black cape/coat; black cashmere on one side, and black “raincoat” material on the other. I wear that nearly every day in the fall and winter, especially when I travel. It has a criss-cross neckline with buttons, and every time I wear it, I get compliments. I was deliberating on it when I was at Marie’s salon, and it was she who picked it out and said, “This. This one is the one for you.” I dream about going back to my very favorite city, and when I do, I’m heading back to Marie’s salon!

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