The moment of truth

I finished the film on my photo camera. I started rolling it back but it was too easy so I thought maybe I did something wrong and decided to bring it to a photo studio to ask them open it in a dark room (just in case).

The guy said it looks like it’s already in the cassette and opened it in front of me. I was a little scared because I thought it may light the film, but I was more shocked when he opened the camera and there was no film inside!!! I wanted to scream… How was that possible at all? I was hoping that he’s joking and he hid it somewhere in his hands… NOPE! Just thinking about all the great photos I lost, all the great people I met, it makes me really angry. It’s a shame! I was sure I put a film inside… ;(

So here’s the moment to say a big SORRY to all the people I mislead. I was hoping so much on these cadres with your interesting outfit ideas…

Luckily, I have photographed some of you with the digital camera, so here we go, some of the saved outfits will be posted. Bad news – very little part.


What do you think about this?

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