Looking expensive can cost cheap

I love fashion, you love fashion, stars love fashion, we love stars, fashion loves everybody, because of their money. If you are a celebrity it’s not hard to be fashionable, you can afford to have personal stylist or better – a team of stylists that would take care of choosing, trying on, combining, buying, delivering and putting on you the best clothes and accessories. The real challenge is to look trendy when you have very tiny budget. So how to look trendy and fashionable without spending a lot of money? Here are some advices that I’ve been using over the years.

1. In stead of buying two dresses buy two skirts and two tops. You can change the combinations and have 4 different outfits instead of two. The same for jumpsuits.

2. Invest more in essential things like a simple white shirt, blue jeans, black trousers, black shoes on a mid-high heel, black skirt, formal jacket, little black dress. These are classic things that can serve you in various situations and can be combined with a lot of different accessories. Be sure that black and white are never going to be out of fashion.

3. Do not put too much money in fast fashion. There are lots of trends that are gone in just one season, so it wouldn’t be reasonable spending all your salary on neon pumps, for example.

4. Be careful and think weather what you’re about to buy is worth the money – reed the labels, see where it’s been produced, check the quality of the fabric, look for some defects like imbalanced shape, broken seams, wrong stitches etc. All this can tell you that the garment you’re about to buy is low quality so it shouldn’t cost a lot.

5. You don’t need to change your entire closet every season if you want to be 100% in fashion. It’s enough to just buy some new accessories like light scarfs or belts in the most trendy fabrics and colors. Socks and tights are another winning decision. No need to change the shoes when you can just change their laces. Put a neon lace or a bow to refresh old shoes.

6. Details make the outfit. Be brave and put some interesting jewels like bracelets and earrings, head bands or cute hats. Combine them carefully and wear them light-heartedly.

7. Use your imagination and create something yourself. There are thousands of useful DIYs out there that can lead you to some fresh ideas and easy ways to implement them.

8. Stick to the idea that something well forgotten can look new. Go deeper in your closet and combine garments you haven’t worn for a long time with some fresh accessories for instance.

9. Do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes great outfits are made by combining things that seem incompatible. Put different layers on yourself, wear a dress above another dress, or a top above a shirt, let your fantasy work… Even if you have 10 garments in your closet, you can create so much more than 10 outfits.

10. Visit second-hand shops or vintage sales more often. You can find some brilliant pieces there for ridiculously cheap price. The other big advantage is that you can purchase something no one else has.


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