FREEDOM a.k.a. the musical post

For a long time I had a different understanding of this word. For me freedom was just the physical freedom – you’re not in prison, so you are free. But the moment I started to travel a little more and meet different people, I realized that there is a more important kind of freedom – the freedom in your mind.

Freedom is a human right. By default, the moment you are born you are free. But are we really free? There are so many things that can make us feel not free. We are prisoners of the political system in which we live, we are prisoners of the society, prisoners of the economical situation, prisoners even of our own choices… We depend on so many things and the more we live the more we loose the ability to choose, so we become prisoners of ourselves at the end.

People have always fought for freedom. It is very important to have choice, that’s freedom. Of course, it’s easy when there’s someone else to decide for you, to give you directions, to talk instead of you. But there’s nothing honest about it. We are human beings and we are strong and smart enough to decide for ourselves. The moment we’re free most of us don’t know what to do with this freedom. We have the freedom to choose one or another path, one or another party, one or another stock in the supermarket. You can’t just throw this freedom away! You are responsible! You have to THINK and take the right decision! Because the decisions you make are never just about yourself. They will sooner or later affect other people. These people can be your family, friends, children. And we all want the best for the children, don’t we?

There are several things that happened lately which made me think one more time about this matter. One of these things are the events around the Russian group Pussy Riot, which was given last week a verdict of 2 years in jail because they protested in a church against the Russian President. What they did was demonstrating their point of view. I don’t want to talk about if it is fair or not. This is a very complicated case as they protested in a church and a big part of the Russian people are very religious. What I want to say is only that it is extremely important to OPEN YOUR EYES and see what’s happening around you. If you are not happy the way you live, if you are not satisfied by somebody you gave the power to, if your life is not what you expected it to be and it is not because of you, you have to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

You are expected to prove to yourself that you are strong, brave and cappable of doing something about it. You can’t just complain, it is not leading you anywhere. DO SOMETHING!

Another kind of freedom is the economical freedom. In the capitalistic society there are no limits for the business. Globalization is the favorite word of business people. But let’s talk about the big companies control the world. They hold the small companies in their hands and they can smash or eat them every second. When you decide to work for the big ones, you loose your freedom. The same for the employees. Many think that working for a big company is better. You work for a big name, you have good salary, you feel secure but are you free to say your word? How many of us can reach a position that keeps them free in their business decisions? You have never met your boss and you can be sure that he/she doesn’t care about you at all. You are just a marionette, an instrument for making money. Tomorrow you can be fired with another 200 or 20 000 people. Where’s the security you were talking about? Is making money a reason big enough to sell yourself to the big ones who will soon be the only player on the market and who will determine the price you should pay for a product or service? And you’ll have no choice, because you’ll already have made it. So again, it is very important to think, ask yourself questions and try to find the answers before it’s too late.

What about technology? We are ready to embrace everything that seems revolutionary to us, without thinking about the consequences. When we made our Facebook profile, how many of us thought that all the information we give about ourselves will be collected and kept somewhere? How many of us realize that the more time you spend online the less time you have for normal life? Everything is moving online, you don’t exist if you have no profile on some of the social networks or if your business doesn’t have a website. You’re lost, you are a social outcast. Maybe we should think before saying “hurray!” to every innovation in our lives. It may sound old fashioned, but I don’t like the idea every electric device to have an IP and to be able to connect to other electric devices so that a problem gets solved without your knowledge.  And this is going to happen really soon! I don’t want my fridge to write a note in the calendar of my iphone that I have to go shopping and I don’t want my washing machine to look online and create a list of washing powder brands that are harmless for my clothes. I don’t want all these great new inventions to affect my life, because I will become their slave. I want to be free! I want to forget to turn of the lights at my home and close the window. I want to think myself, because I am a human being and I am capable of doing it.

Money rules the world, that’s a fact. Big companies can control countries. They can actually decide the destiny of a country’s citizens. Being greedy doesn’t help in this case. You can’t just let someone tell you what to do. Once you do it, you fall in the trap and you can’t get out. You are a slave of your action and it’s reflecting immediately to other people. So let’s stop thinking about money and let’s think a little more about what’s right and what’s wrong. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to look at ourselves in the mirror.

Truth is that being responsible and free is not the easiest way. There is a famous sentence saying that your freedom ends where the freedom of the others begins. When the society is pressing you, you are not always brave enough to say “NO”. You’re copying what others do in order to be accepted. It’s very hard when there are some expectations and you don’t want to disappoint anybody, but at the same time you don’t agree with and don’t want to do what’s expected from you. Then you choose – either accepting the rules and compromising with your principles or staying yourself and saying “goodbye” to the advantages you are offered. Maybe there is a slight chance to make it work by balancing between the compromise and the freedom. I guess, this is a question of personal preferences. Because everybody’s freedom is in their own hands.


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