When “chat” had a different meaning…

I recently had a huge dose of nostalgia for old times (around year 2000) when we were obsessed with a program called mIRC! I know that for some of you, readers, this word doesn’t ring a bell at all, but I’m sure that others just produced a big smile! 🙂

It may sound strange as I am quite young, but thinking about that time feels like it was so long ago! Internet clubs were the biggest hit as not a lot of people had a PC at home. I was spending all my pocket money on that, it was addictive! 🙂

Let me say just some words about this wonderful program in case someone has never heard of it. mIRC is the mother and father of today’s Skype, Google talk or any modern chat program. It was quite a challenge to use it in the beginning. The interface was boring and looked more like a text file.

So, how it works? First, you have to choose a nickname and server. According to the server you can choose a different location. You select the channel (it can be a country, city or a field of interest) and you connect. Your name will appear in a list like the one you see on the right of the picture. There are all the other people who have selected this channel in an alphabetic order. You decide whom to talk то – it can be a friend or a complete stranger. The dialog usually started with ASL PLS (age, sex, location please).
When someone wants to chat to you, he/she appears as a new button on the bottom line. You can be in several channels at the same time as well as chatting to several people. The thing is – it’s just typing, no voice, no camera… pure talking! Some times it turned out that the person you’re talking to is sitting right next to you. There аре curious looks from the people around – just to see your nickname. I remember going out in the summer at about 3 p.m. in the biggest heat and heading towards the closest Internet club (which was not close at all) because I had some virtual meeting with someone… 🙂 So crazy! It was not rare to hear people talking: “Hey, where are you going? – To chat, and you?”

Now you can talk to everybody online at every moment and you don’t even have to get out of the bed. Looking back, I think it was still more fun – you were socializing in these places. And there were more reasons to be exigent to your outfit every time you go out.


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