The genius of photography

I just finished watching a BBC documentary called “The Genius of Photography”. I am not a photographer, even though I am taking a lot of photos, but I have some friends that are doing some interesting photographic projects and they infected me with this passion for beautiful images. I still can’t say that I understand much of photography, though I’ve developed a searching eye which I didn’t have before. Every time I see a photograph I start to look for the reason why it’s been taken and for some story behind the image. Sometimes I just concentrate on the visual harmony of the objects.

While I was watching the series, I started thinking about how accessible is photography nowadays and how we have stopped appreciating it for what it is. We’re taking all kinds of crazy pictures, most of them deleted immediately. Of course, it gives you the ability to learn almost for free. It was an expensive hobby before. Anyway, when I started my project “Street style on film” I didn’t mean to do some special photographs. But with the time, as I was shooting different people with my camera I was caught by this magic. There’s a special feeling while you anticipate the moment when the film is finished. At the moment of taking of the picture you’re nervous as you hope that this one and only cadre will have a good focus, with right lines and cool image in the center. Then you’re eager to see every single photo and check if it worked or no. It’s romantic in a way…

Right now in my camera there are 23 cadres taken out of 36. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll take some more and manage to fill it, after which the film will be developed and scanned (I prefer it this way). Keep your fingers crossed especially if I’ve taken your photo.


What do you think about this?

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