So I had a little strange dream last night. I have some absurd ones sometimes and the action is usually very continuous, but just weird things happen… The one I had last night is also kinda funny that’s why I decided to share it. So here it comes:

Part 1: I dream that I’m watching a new movie trailer on the TV and it starts with a beautiful lonely mother and her child moving into a new neighbourhood. She meets her neighbour – a friendly black woman and they’re having a small talk. The neighbour gives her a business card (who knows why).

Part 2: The nice neighbour is on a stage singing some song in front of thousands of people. She looks like Tina Turner. The lonely mother watches the concert on TV and recognizes the star.

Part 3: They meet again and the child says to the singer that they saw her and they were very happy. The two women have a conversation and we understand that they’ve become friends.

Part 4: The lonely mother walking in her home, some romantic music, her sight in slow motion, I say to myself: “Oh, come on, another romantic comedy with lesbians!” and right at this moment…

Part 5: Two eye retinas on the wall in the bathroom of the lonely mother. Somehow I understand they were detached from the eyes of her dog (her child is a dog now). Dog whining sound.

Part 6: The lonely mother is talking to her god, but it’s looking strange in one direction. Scary music, whining again, we know that something bad is going to happen.

Part 7: The end of the trailer and I’m waking up…

Now I’d like to hear what do you think about dreams, do you dream some stories like that sometimes or does all this sound strange? Just if there are Froidists here, please don’t tell me that I am unconsciously yearning to have sex with Tina Turner 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Dreams are weird, and often powerful. Sometimes my dreams haunt me throughout the day. Yours sounds like it could be an interesting movie, or a book, but up until that part where it goes all “Andalusian Dog” on us. 😉

  2. dreams are what u got in ur subconscious mind … dreams carry messages … for me bad dreams come true and cute ones remain in dream itself 😛

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