From ZARA to ZURA – DIY :)

I have this red dress for several years now. I’ve always loved it, but as it’s red and very noticeable I am quite bored of wearing it. Also, what I don’t like in it is that it tends to fall down all the time and it’s not the most comfortable model of dress, let’s be honest.

This is how I combined it a year and a half ago for a night out with my colleagues. I still remember this night – it was tragical… 🙂

And another red thing – this top, which I have from a second hand shop in Kazanlak – my hometown in Bulgaria (as lots of other stuff).

I’ve taken this one with me to Paris hoping that I will find something to combine it with, but actually as I’m fat now, lol, it is a challenge to put it on at all. Here’s how it was looking in… em… (counting)… 2007! 🙂 I had to put another top under it, because otherwise my boobs would be outside.

So here’s what I came up with:

After I measured how much of the top I need, I’ve used an old white eye-liner to mark where to cut and used scissors.

Then I had to sew it to the dress but it didn’t have to be visible, so I made the stitches on the inside part:

I used bobby pins to steady the pieces

And here’s how it looked after my amateur sewing

And voila – the result!

Photos of me wearing it are coming soon. Oh, and there’s this part that left, I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll keep it, who knows what I can use it for ;). Maybe a pillow… Anyway, let me know if you need it…


One thought on “From ZARA to ZURA – DIY :)

  1. You’re really good at sewing. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photos of you wearing the new dress.

    Your outfit from last year is awesome.

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