A weekend stroll in Paris

Voila some photos taken by my friend Stefany who is much better than me in photography


See also: Men in skirts – why not?


7 thoughts on “A weekend stroll in Paris

    • Thanks Jelena. I swear, this shot with the behind was not planned at all, I was talking on the phone and my friend was taking photos without my permission. Anyway, I think it’s a funny shot 😉

  1. thank you for being a Woman…
    Dress/Skirt, tights/stockings – not many girls put that on nowadays… 99% prefer jeans, sneakers and other non-feminine stuff…
    Thank you

    • Haha, thanks for that comment! 🙂
      I am wearing a dress right now, only 9 days after giving birth! Oh, I missed my old clothes :)))
      P.S.: Photo of the baby coming right away!

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