Asian faces in fashion

Asians are known for the faces they like to make when taking a picture. Trying to look cuter or younger is part of them. Making rabbit ears is almost necessary when you smile and if it’s combined with some childish face or vulnerable look it is even better. I personally don’t understand why an adult should look like a child, but… facts are facts. Maybe it comes from Manga. Anyway, I’ve found here some of the most common faces Asians make:

“The kitten”

“I’m cool”

“I’m pitiful”

“Happy rabbit”

“Rock rabbit”

“Winking rabbit”

“The little girl”

“The heart”

“Heart variation”

“I’m cute, take me home”

“The panda”

I am not going to analyze why this phenomenon exists among our Eastern friends. What makes me wonder is why it came here, on the West? We can see it everywhere – on commercials, in Fashion, on celebrities outfits. Is this a trend which comes to show that fashion ideas are mostly born on the East and then contaminate all the world? Or is this a clever marketing strategy of most of the big fashion companies? Knowing that the East nowadays is the biggest client of all the luxury brands, why not change a little the environment? Let’s be cute, let’s be childish, let’s give these people what they like!

Bows on headbands were just the beginning…

Of course Lady Gaga contributed a lot to this trend

Not to mention her Hello Kitty inspirations…

It was very popular for a while to look like Mickey Mouse

Katy Perry also didn’t hesitate to put on the fancy outfit

Anna Sui surprised us with a cat hat


And let’s not forget this very popular trend with the laced black rabbit ears

Earlier I presented you the Bunny iphone case mania


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