It’s a new day

Last week I moved in a new flat, I’ve had a very tiring weekend while shopping for furniture and other things necessary for a new home and after that installing everything with my man. We’re trying not to brake the style of the place while adding something from us. Things we’ve always wanted to have in our home but for one or other reason they were not possible to do… And another new thing is that I started jogging in the morning. I will try to loose some weight the easy way – meaning just watching out what I’m eating and avoiding “fatting” food like everything with sugar, white bread, fat meat, my favorite chicken crust etc. and I’ll see what happens. For sure since I realized I’m gaining weight I haven’t lost any, only worse – I’m even more now. The time has come for a change! And to not leave this post with no image, I will add the new song of Alicia Keys, which is appropriate for starting over.


What do you think about this?

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