I’ve gained several kilos lately and right now I’m at my fattest state since I was born. Well, I know it so I am more careful on what and when I eat.

Once I have some success with weight loss, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile I am curious how other people deal with the problem. Are there any easy steps you usually follow, what are the most effective diets, what kind of exercises are you doing? My problem is mostly at the stomach area (unfortunately it doesn’t work on my bottom, which needs to be less skinny). I’m waiting for you to share your tricks in a comment.

I am quite interested in different sports that can work well for loosing weight, for sure I don’t want to starve or take any kind of medicines, so please do NOT offer me that! 🙂

Here’s a video of a great sport I’ve just discovered, it seems really easy to learn and they say it’s like 3 times more powerful than fitness.


2 thoughts on “Sport

  1. I started gaining weight when I quit smoking two years ago, so last summer I got really fed up with the way I looked (not that I was fat, I just didn’t feel comfortable in my body) so I started exercising. I do tae bo cardio workouts five times a week, and I feel great. I’m not really sure how much weight I’ve lost, but my body is more toned, and I feel healthier and happier. You can go to youtube and just search for Billy Blanks. Any one of his workouts is great. If I actually watched what I ate, I would definitely lose a lot more weight, but I simply don’t have the discipline for that as well (rest assured, exercising itself requires a lot of discipline). For sure you need to stop eating sugar and pastry (if you already haven’t), as they are your worst enemies in this process. 🙂

    Although I gain weight evenly, I hate the fact that my stomach refuses to be flat when I lose weight. Even when I was a skinny kid, I still had a bit of a tummy. Luckily for me, my husband likes it, lol.

  2. Yeah, boyz are wrong :). It’s kind of a comfort for them, if you are too perfect, they feel insecure…
    Thank you very much for all your advices. I am not fat too, but like you, I don’t feel comfortable, especially when I see myself in the mirror… Anyway, I hope there will be more people commenting this and giving new valuable ideas, not only to me, but to all the other readers… 😉
    Have a great weekend yourself!

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