Beautiful hair? – Mission possible!

I’ve been watching recently some hairstyle tutorials on youtube. Some of them are really long and not very consistent. I realized people have problems with growing hair so I’ve decided to give some tips based on my own experience.

I attended a one-day seminar about hare care several years ago in Sofia. It was organized by Pantene and was hosted by best hairstylists of Bulgaria at that time. Of course it had commercial purpose, but some of the advices they gave were really useful and I’ll always remember them.

Where to start from? First I should say that growing long hair has nothing to do with not cutting it. After some time the hair starts to loose its strength, the ends are damaged and it’s no longer shiny. We shouldn’t let that happen. That’s why the hair has to be cut as a minimum every two months. Generally hair is growing with 1 cm per month (about 0.4 inches) – this can differ too. You probably know how fast your hair is growing if you’re dying it. I’ve died my hair in the past, but now I left it natural for more than a year. For sure dying is very damaging, that’s a thing I don’t have a lot of experience with. I suppose, there are lots of products for died hair and they should help taking care of it.

So, don’t be afraid to cut half a centimeter of your hair once every two months. This will make it grow even faster! In Bulgaria there’s a belief that if you cut the hair on a day with full moon, it will grow faster. I’ve never tried myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true having in mind that the moon can influence seas’ tides and women’s periods.

However, if you already have a long hair, but you haven’t cut it for a long time and the ends are damaged and split, it’s time for you to say goodbye to several centimeters. Do this in the name of beauty, it will only help. I am cutting my hair at home as it’s long enough and every time I just take the very ends of it, less than 5 mm. I’m very impatient and I cut it more often than needed. Sometimes I see some damaged ends and I get rid of them immediately. On the contrary, I’ve been several times at the hairdresser’s and they never do what I want, they always cut more than I want and at the end I’m always unhappy and look horrible. I’ll never forget that time when they made me some thin blond highlights which made me look so cheap that I ran for a hair dye on the next day and colored everything. Well, you can imagine that blond highlights can’t be hidden so easily, so I had to live with that gorgeous look for some time.

Another important thing is the washing. If someone tells you too much washing can damage the hair, just plug something into your ears. Water is safe for us, thank you Nature!

The skin on the scalp is producing a secretion which makes the roots of the hair really greasy. I’ve seen a close photo of how it looks like when the hair is clean and when it’s greasy. This grease actually slows down the growing of the hair, so for sure by washing it more, you give it more strength to grow. I personally wash my hair every two days and it feels okay. I use the pink Elseve (Elvive in some countries) by L’Oreal. It’s important to apply the shampoo everywhere, especially on the parts closer to the face and the years, because that’s where it gets greasy faster. If you feel that there is enough foam, it means that your hair is clean, but don’t be afraid to rinse and apply shampoo until you really feel it clean. I do it two times and usually the second time I need very little shampoo to make a huge foam because the hair is already clean. Massage energetically the scalp with your fingers – this is good for the blood circulation which is another factor for fast growing.

Next step to beautiful hair is using a conditioner. I’m using a product of the same series like the shampoo – nothing too sophisticated. Before I also used masks but I stopped when I realized the difference is almost zero. What I need to mention is that there are three major types of hairs and you should determine which one is yours. You choose between dry, oily or mixed type, I’m sure everyone can guess what’s the difference between dry and oily. The mixed hair can be divided into two subtypes – with oily roots and dry ends (this is the most common type and my type as well) and the opposite – the dream hair with dry roots and oily ends. Depending on your hair type you find your way to use the conditioner. If your hair is oily, you should put very little at the ends. If it’s dry it’s recommended to apply it on all the length of the hair. For mixed hair – put the conditioner at the places the hair is dry and needs more shine and strength.

Enough about the washing, some words about the drying. This is the damaging part because the hair is put under a mechanic and heat pressure. The most safe and the longest is to leave it dry by itself, nobody has time for that though. There may be lots of products that claim to save your hair during drying, but I don’t believe in them. I think they were created to make money out of the complexes and fears of modern women. A useful thing to know is that you shouldn’t treat your hair with the towel. Just wrap it in it and make sure the towel follows the direction of growing, no turbans are acceptable. They always do that in the hairdresser’s – the towels wraps the hair from the front and goes on the back gently without twisting or pulling.

What I do after that is I use a hair dryer, but I try not to stay on one place for too long and I do it in two parts. For example, I dry it for about 5 minutes (mostly the roots), then I go to do something, I go back to the dryer and I turn it on again for another 2-3 minutes. The result is a little humid hair which dries by itself after that.

Straightening/curling is another very damaging thing and even though we all practice it. My advice here is to do it as less as possible. However, if you straighten or curly your hair every day/after every washing, make sure you are using the right nourishing products. My hair has undergone a lot of bad treatment and is still strong and shiny but as I said I cut it too often and perhaps that’s why it hasn’t given up yet.

If your hair is curly or wavy find a way to stylize it. Do not comb it by any means! Seriously, this breaks your curls. If it’s wavy you even risk to make it look straight. Well, it depends what you want, but if you want to stay curly and even more curly here are some tricks.

The easiest thing I know is what a friend of mine was doing. She has an extremely curly and quite long hair that always looks gorgeous. As she realized that her hair is using too much products, she found a very easy way – she was buying some cheap conditioner which was coming in a half a liter bottle and she was applying some every time before and after drying the hair. This was separating her curls and her hair smelled very well all the time. Now there is plenty of new products, you can try and see what works best for you.

Here I am with some of my previous versions 🙂


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