God bless America!

Photo: Stefany


5 thoughts on “God bless America!

  1. OMG, this is just awful. Sorry. There is absolutely nothing on this guy that I like, except maybe his sunglasses. The trashy bermudas are also okay, but the oversized, feminine tank top, those ugly futuristic shoes, and the gold bracelets that only sleazeballs wear are just all too much for me to take.

    The girl on the other hand – I want to steal her entire outfit. 😉

    • Hahaha, you killed me! 🙂 I think he’s cute…

      And you’re right about the girl, we should have taken her photo too 🙂 Next time, I hope…

  2. P.S. If the first comment is from the actual guy from the photos, and he’s read my comment – all I can say is: I’m sorry. I was just being brutally honest.

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