Dark Shadows

Tim Burton doesn’t need to be commented at all.

I watched his last movie several weeks ago and since then I’m trying to put myself together and make a post about it. But I will not talk about the great shooting or the brilliant actors’ play, I will not mention the spectacular special effects and breathtaking story…

I’d like to say a word about the beautiful styling, make-up and hairs. BIG THANK YOU for those who took part in creating this magic. It was a pleasure watching all those colors, wonderful lines and incredible skills of the make-up artists as a reflection on the faces of the actors.

What I enjoyed the most is that the hairs never rumpled no matter what acrobatic tricks the actors were performing. I guess this was done by lots of stopping and fixing, but still it was amazing. As if you’re watching some hair dye ad where the hair is always beautiful and shiny with the only difference that “Dark Shadows” goes on and on and on… for almost two hours.

I think I will go to the cinema one more time…


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