The Bold and the Beautiful

When I was a kid, there was this American soap opera and it was one of the first that appeared in Bulgaria after 1989. I remember staring at the TV with my mom and dreaming about this beautiful world these people live in… it all seemed so unreachable for us. I just found a video with the opening as I remember it. After that the actors were changing, but this one is the one I remember watching so they all seem so close to me. Recently I came across a French TV channel showing some newer seasons and because I recognized one of the actors, I watched for a while. They are all much older now, I felt a little nostalgic but as I watched I asked myself WHY were we watching this? It’s rediculously slow, with all the sighs and the moments when the camera’s very close to the face of the actor and he/she’s remembering the words someone else said, or just thinking… they even repeat the same moment. And they still do this series – from 1987 till now! Here’s the video for those of you who have spent their days waiting for the new episode at 5 p.m. 🙂



What do you think about this?

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