I’ve lived in China for a year and later I’ve traveled there several times. Chinese like to copy, they copy everything. Lots of international brands produce there and this gives their industry an opportunity to create copies of new things faster than their arrival in the other parts of the world. Of course, these copies are immediately spread, which makes the market there very dynamic. And no matter what any brand says about how exclusive their products are, I am pretty sure that if they are made in China, it means that they have lots of copies.

What I realized during my year in China is that they are absolutely crazy about everything which comes from Korea. Korean fashion is the creative inspiration for a lot of Chinese people. Koreans are more open-minded, they dare to wear sometimes strange outfits and most of Chinese fashion lovers try to be like them. Meanwhile, Korea takes its inspiration from Japan, which, we all know is a Mecca for the fashion business – not only because the living standard there is very high, but also because fashion is part of the game there. It’s like food! I have a friend who lived there for a while and he once told me that you can see somebody dressed from head to toes in luxurious brands, but riding a very old bike while going to the grocery.

So as I understand it, Japanese create the trends then they go to South Korea and then to China from where… well, they flood the world.

Of course, there are other possibilities, a bright idea can be born everywhere in the world, but what is sure is that people from Japan and South Korea are very aware and love being in. Here is a girl I met in the shop of Louis Vuitton, she is Japanese and I couldn’t miss her long wool stockings which are something all Asians wear.


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