Profession MODEL feat. Karlie Kloss

I wanted to talk about what it is like to be a model. It’s one of those very hard professions, which people consider to be very easy. Not everyone can be a model. First, you have to have the physical making or, being 172 cm tall as a minimum, have a very skinny body, beautiful face, teeth, skin, hair…

You have to possess the confidence I was talking about and not to be afraid of being watched at. Of course, you can learn all that. There are modeling courses where they teach you how to walk, how to pose, how to look at the audience/camera etc. And what is visible is that they are just going out on the runway, they just make a round and that’s it. In my point of view, it’s much more pressure and stress, because you have to take very good care of your body as this is the tool of your work. You cannot eat normally, you have to be on a diet all the time, which is very stressful for the organism. You travel a lot, so you have to deal with distance and time difference – something I’ve experienced and trust me, it’s very tiring. Then you are separated all the time from your friends and family, I don’t know how these people have relationships at all. Staying beautiful with all that stress seems impossible!

Moreover there are the photographers and all the curious people, who want to be close to you, as if you are some kind of peculiar creature – they stare at you, all so short, they want to touch you and see if you are real or you are just a doll, they are looking at you as if you are an object in the museum. Here is a picture I would like to share.

Please notice the way the guy on the background is watching at the model. I read in his eyes: “Oh my, she’s so tall and so skinny!”

It must be hard taking all the strange comments about you. And this is only what people think about your appearance. Let alone what they think about your personality – it’s even worse: If you are beautiful, you are immediately stupid, shallow or just an empty package. And this will never change. Nobody takes seriously a girl who works as a model. Well, except people who are aware that this is a profession just like all the others.

Being a model is hard, I imagine these poor girls hungry all the time, eating lots of medications to keep their figure. I’m wondering what happens after you stop being a model. Let’s say a lot of them go on working for fashion industry, but probably lots of them are doing something else. It must be hard becoming a normal person after you’ve been on the catwalk. All the jealousy, all the talking, all the people trying to stand on your way…

What do you think about all this? And looking at the pictures here, do you think that models are too skinny and do you think it is necessary to impose a new standard of beauty (meaning  less skinny and more healthy looking) and why?


One thought on “Profession MODEL feat. Karlie Kloss

  1. This is a great post. I don’t think models need to be as skinny as they are, they’re marketing clothes that ‘normal’ women are meant to want to buy and most ‘normal’ women are not as skinny as this, so I don’t see why clothes should me modeled on these girls. There’s constantly that whole debate over how skinny a model should be and so-on. For a lot of them they are lucky enough to be as skinny as they are and for others they have to watch their weight constantly so that they can make their money. It’s a shame that society places such an emphasis on weight and that the ideal woman is stick thin. What ever happened to loving the curves of women like Marlyn Munroe and Elizabeth Taylor?

    Great post!

    Mel. x

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