Victoria Spruce

I found her shoes by chance while I was browsing the web for new shoe designs trying to see how the land lies. So, she is only 25, but her design are already a hit! Unfortunately, not yet for sale! L

There we go with the info from her Facebook page:

Victoria Spruce is London based footwear designer who has recently graduated with an MA in Womenswear Footwear from Royal College of Art (2011), and has previously achieved a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Footwear Design at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion (2008).

Victoria has always been inspired by the lines, shapes and silhouettes found in architecture, sculpture and structure, which is clearly visible throughout her footwear collections, emphasised by her use of hard materials and new technologies combined with traditional leathers and shoe making techniques.

Here’s her web site:


I’ve lived in China for a year and later I’ve traveled there several times. Chinese like to copy, they copy everything. Lots of international brands produce there and this gives their industry an opportunity to create copies of new things faster than their arrival in the other parts of the world. Of course, these copies are immediately spread, which makes the market there very dynamic. And no matter what any brand says about how exclusive their products are, I am pretty sure that if they are made in China, it means that they have lots of copies.

What I realized during my year in China is that they are absolutely crazy about everything which comes from Korea. Korean fashion is the creative inspiration for a lot of Chinese people. Koreans are more open-minded, they dare to wear sometimes strange outfits and most of Chinese fashion lovers try to be like them. Meanwhile, Korea takes its inspiration from Japan, which, we all know is a Mecca for the fashion business – not only because the living standard there is very high, but also because fashion is part of the game there. It’s like food! I have a friend who lived there for a while and he once told me that you can see somebody dressed from head to toes in luxurious brands, but riding a very old bike while going to the grocery.

So as I understand it, Japanese create the trends then they go to South Korea and then to China from where… well, they flood the world.

Of course, there are other possibilities, a bright idea can be born everywhere in the world, but what is sure is that people from Japan and South Korea are very aware and love being in. Here is a girl I met in the shop of Louis Vuitton, she is Japanese and I couldn’t miss her long wool stockings which are something all Asians wear.

Profession MODEL feat. Karlie Kloss

I wanted to talk about what it is like to be a model. It’s one of those very hard professions, which people consider to be very easy. Not everyone can be a model. First, you have to have the physical making or, being 172 cm tall as a minimum, have a very skinny body, beautiful face, teeth, skin, hair…

You have to possess the confidence I was talking about and not to be afraid of being watched at. Of course, you can learn all that. There are modeling courses where they teach you how to walk, how to pose, how to look at the audience/camera etc. And what is visible is that they are just going out on the runway, they just make a round and that’s it. In my point of view, it’s much more pressure and stress, because you have to take very good care of your body as this is the tool of your work. You cannot eat normally, you have to be on a diet all the time, which is very stressful for the organism. You travel a lot, so you have to deal with distance and time difference – something I’ve experienced and trust me, it’s very tiring. Then you are separated all the time from your friends and family, I don’t know how these people have relationships at all. Staying beautiful with all that stress seems impossible!

Moreover there are the photographers and all the curious people, who want to be close to you, as if you are some kind of peculiar creature – they stare at you, all so short, they want to touch you and see if you are real or you are just a doll, they are looking at you as if you are an object in the museum. Here is a picture I would like to share.

Please notice the way the guy on the background is watching at the model. I read in his eyes: “Oh my, she’s so tall and so skinny!”

It must be hard taking all the strange comments about you. And this is only what people think about your appearance. Let alone what they think about your personality – it’s even worse: If you are beautiful, you are immediately stupid, shallow or just an empty package. And this will never change. Nobody takes seriously a girl who works as a model. Well, except people who are aware that this is a profession just like all the others.

Being a model is hard, I imagine these poor girls hungry all the time, eating lots of medications to keep their figure. I’m wondering what happens after you stop being a model. Let’s say a lot of them go on working for fashion industry, but probably lots of them are doing something else. It must be hard becoming a normal person after you’ve been on the catwalk. All the jealousy, all the talking, all the people trying to stand on your way…

What do you think about all this? And looking at the pictures here, do you think that models are too skinny and do you think it is necessary to impose a new standard of beauty (meaning  less skinny and more healthy looking) and why?

Who was on Elie Saab fashion show in Paris on 6th March 2012?

I was yesterday passing through Jardin deTuileries in Paris when I remembered that it was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, so I hurried up for the ending of Elie Saab fashion show and here’s what my modest camera caught:

The woman with so many accessories that I didn’t know which one to put the focus on.

I think there was too much fur on those women.

I understand March is cold in Paris, but still… Anyway, there’s no reason I could say this woman doesn’t look great.

I loved the metallic collar of this lady and the strange shape of her umbrella.

The girl, who looked like she jumped out of a sketch book of a great designer.

And some busy women, and some busy women…

… and some busy orange shoes, which I couldn’t focus so well…

And these beautiful flower prints…

Chinese movie stars Huo Siyan (霍思燕), who liked my hat and

Li Xiaolu (李小璐),

The wonderful and brave girl in pink,

The Dior bag with some women around it…

The Moschino girl and the soldier girl,

Actress Rosario Dawson was surrounded by people who wanted to be surrounded by attention.

The sad model, such a pity I didn’t have a better camera with me…

I am speechless about my this character

And I am afraid of this one

This wonderful colorful girl with the boots that seem to be McQueen

The YSL lady with the hat

The flower-girl

Another very colorful girl, with an interesting outfit.

Model Lina Zhang (章丽娜)

High heels

The American with the self-obsession

Another beautiful girl in black and white

An angel

More nice shoes

The Russian group who were kind enough to pose for me, once again СПАСИБО

And, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the woman with the style! I think I am capable of brave deeds just to stay close to this jacket for a minute or hour

The fox and the child

Smoking guy followed by falling girl with sense of humor

Probably a designer, at least I’m sure he made his own outfit

This is another Chinese star which I didn’t recognize, but her companion told me my Chinese was quite good… 谢谢!

HOLA, is there anyone inside, a human being maybe? And what’s with the sun glasses? I  thought it was rainy…

No matter if you can’t walk on high heels, the important is to be IN so put on the fur Mamma, we’re goin’ to a fashion show!

I talked about confidence before, this is what I mean

A little imagination and a simple trench coat can look really cool

Another model – not as sad as the previous one

Young couple

I loved the style of this beautiful young lady

Why is everybody so serious, acting so damn mysterious?

While others were grabbed by the beauty of the lady on the back, I preferred to catch the smile of her friend.

Two charming fashion students (Christine and Meriam), who didn’t mind posing for me. They were so young and already so aware!